LanTopoLog - Download


The unregistered version has full functionality for testing and evaluation but some features work for a limited time

Download LanTopoLog 2 2.46 (build 8, lantopolog246_setup.exe size: 1.2 MB)

Portable version of LanTopoLog 2 is available.
Portable LanTopoLog 2 does not need any installation.

Download portable LanTopoLog 2 2.46 (build 8, size: 1.4 MB)

LanTopoLog service manager allows to run LanTopoLog as service

Download LanTopoLog service manager ( size: 0.6 MB)

Updating the program

All updates are free.

Installable version: Stop the program. Install the new version.
The new version will keep the data and settings of the previous one.

Portable version: Unzip downloaded zip file to any directory.
If you wish to keep the data and settings,
replace the new folder ..\LanTopoLog2\... with the old one.

Version history

Version 2.46  (29-09-2020)  -  The ability to discover only a part of the network map without doing a full scan
 Added code signing
Version 2.45  (20-06-2020)  -  You can add a new switch to the map without doing a full scan
Version 2.44  (17-03-2020)  -  Added Port Status Monitor. Custom icons for devices.
Version 2.43  (06-07-2019)  -  Display the Spanning Tree Status and STP events
Version 2.42  (15-05-2019)  -  Show access points. Monitoring port bandwidth usage.
Version 2.41  (21-08-2018)  -  Added support for SNMP Version 3
Version 2.40  (06-06-2018)  -  LanTopoLog can be run as service
Version 2.38  (10-03-2018)  -  Added export switch list to a CSV file
Version 2.36  (20-11-2017)  -  The program is faster and less freezing
Version 2.34  (14-08-2017)  -  Added import from Nmap scan result file
 and from Advanced IP Scanner scan result file
Version 2.33  (10-01-2017)  -  Improved algorithm for network topology discovery
 Added snmpset tool
Version 2.32  (26-12-2016)  -  Monitoring invalid and dropped packets (ifInErrors,
 ifInDiscards). Fixed a bug with resolving IPs and names
Version 2.31  (10-06-2016)  -  Computer hardware inventory with WMI, show LACP port
Version 2.30  (10-02-2016)  -  Display traffic charts for each port, fixed memory leak

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