LanTopoLog - Download


The unregistered version has full functionality for testing and evaluation but some features work for a limited time

Download portable LanTopoLog 2 2.52.0 ( size: 1.6 MB)
No installation is required to run the program.
Extract zip file to the desired directory, and simply start lantopolog.exe

The installable version of LanTopoLog is no longer supported.
You can continue to use your installed versions.
For this replace the old lantopolog.exe file with the new one.

LanTopoLog service manager allows to run LanTopoLog as service
Download LanTopoLog service manager ( size: 0.6 MB)

Updating the program

All updates are free.
Extract downloaded zip file to any directory.
Replace the old lantopolog.exe file with the new one.

Version history

Version 2.52  (08-07-2024)  -  Fixed some minor bugs
Version 2.51  (21-01-2024)  -  Notification can be sent to Syslog server
Version 2.50  (15-01-2023)  -  Remote control via a web browser
Version 2.49  (04-07-2022)  -  Export network diagram to
Version 2.48  (22-03-2022)  -  You can edit the topology map. Export network diagram to PDF
Version 2.47  (12-01-2021)  -  Show traffic charts for the last 24 hours. Switch list display serial numbers.
Version 2.46  (24-08-2020)  -  The ability to correct only a part of the network map without doing a full scan
 Added code signing
Version 2.45  (27-06-2020)  -  You can add a new switch to the map without doing a full scan
Version 2.44  (17-03-2020)  -  Added Port Status Monitor. Custom icons for devices.
Version 2.43  (06-07-2019)  -  Display the Spanning Tree Status and STP events
Version 2.42  (15-05-2019)  -  Show access points. Monitoring port bandwidth usage.
Version 2.41  (21-08-2018)  -  Added support for SNMP Version 3
Version 2.40  (06-06-2018)  -  LanTopoLog can be run as service

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