Options - Traffic


Traffic (Bandwidth) Monitor

Traffic diagrams show the bandwidth usage of each port in the last hour.
Y-axis scale value is port speed:
100M match 100Mbps
1G match 1Gbps
and so on
If the total incoming and outgoing traffic on the port exceeds this value,
then the scale may be changed to 200M, 2G, and so on.
Set the threshold for the bandwidth usage value and the time interval during which this value is
averaged. If the average value exceeds the specified threshold, then it will be recorded in the
LanTopoLog event log, and if "Notify when the threshold is exceeded" option is enabled, this will
notify the Administrators.

Packet error monitoring

Monitoring ifInErrors, ifInDiscards, ifOutErrors, ifOutDiscards counters.
The alerts are sent when the percentage of invalid or dropped packets exceeds
the specified thresholds.