The algorithm used to discover network topology is not 100% reliable for mapping the entire
network and some connections may remain undiscovered (labeled as xx).
There are some recommendations that may reduce the number of unknown connections:
- increase the length of time the switch keeps dynamic MAC addresses in memory
before discarding.
- run the discovery process when the majority of computers are alive
- try to assign another switch as a root node in the map tree by checking its box on the Step 2.
- the computer where you are running LanTopoLog should be connected
as near as possible to the root node switch
- enable LLDP (CDP) on the switches
- use your own connection list to correct the discovered topology
(Options - Discovery - Edit connection table).

Some data interpretation:


03Mar - date of last successful ping.
25Feb - if IP address is not resolved then it is SNMP-based discovery date.
09:03 - time of last successful ping (today).
23:13y - time of last successful ping (yestoday).

The program updates IP addresses and hostnames every N hour(s)
N is set in options (Options - Discovery - Run computer discovery every N hour(s)).

Domain (WORKGROUP) and login name (vum7\vum) can be determined by WMI
or can be imported from Advanced IP Scanner scan result file

The manufacturer (ASUSTek..., Zyxel...) is determined by MAC address.

The rightmost digit (0) is ping response time in millisecond.