How to Get a License Key

When you purchase LanTopoLog 2, you will receive a license key file
that will convert the demo into the full version.
You need only one license for local network with up to 10000 managed switches.
Follow the instructions below.

1. Discover your network with demo version of LanTopoLog 2
and save the discovered topology (click "Apply the New Topology").
Open the registration form (menu - Help - How to Get a License Key) .
Select from the list up to 3 switches using checkboxes.
Your license key file will be bound to these switches.
At least one of them must always be present on the LanTopoLog map
(although may be temporarily turned off), otherwise your copy of LanTopoLog 2
is not considered registered.
Subsequently the license key cannot be modified, even if you select only one switch for registration.
If all of the registered switches will be replaced, then you will need to purchase a new license.

2. Switch ID will appear in the field below.
Email Switch ID to
(copy the string and paste into the email)

3. Purchase LanTopoLog 2 through the program site

4. After you have made payment, your license key file will be emailed to you.
Copy the license key file to the folder that is shown on the registration form
and restart the program.
In case of installable version place the file here:
C:\Users\(current username)\AppData\Local\LanTopoLog2\Lic_key\lantopolog.lic
In case of portable version place the file here:
..\folder where you unzip the downloaded file\Lantopolog2xx\LanTopoLog2\Lic_key\lantopolog.lic

The license key is bound to the MAC address of the switch, so you can change
any switch settings (IP address, Name, etc) - the license key remains valid.
Practically the license lasts for 4-5 years (switch replacement time) and the license price takes this into account.