Import Export

IP, Hostname Import

If not all IPs and Hostnames get resolved automatically then use the import from
MAC-IP-Hostname file. To add computer IP addresses and Hostnames to the network topology
a map perform the import procedure (menu - File - Import - IP, Hostname Import).
The data fields must be separated by the field delimiter (";" or "," ).
The import file can be created with Nmap (use the –oN option to save the Nmap scan result)
or with Advanced IP Scanner (save the scan result as a CSV tab delimited file). The domain
(workgroup) and username also can be imported from Advanced IP Scanner scan result file.

Custom data Import

To add custom data to the network map perform the import procedure
(menu - File - Import - Import CSV).
CSV file must contain a column mapped to the MAC address.
For each column you can set the width you want to see on the network map.
To hide certain columns from displaying set the column width of 0.


The program can export computer list, switch list, switch connection table, port list, VLAN list to
CSV file (menu - File - Export - Export). Here you can set CSV delimiter (";" or "," ).

The Import and Export procedures can be performed automatically according with the schedule.